Stratpharma’s commitment to its distribution partners is to provide a cost effective and efficient international marketing network in the pharmaceutical, cosmaceutical and medical device industry. We develop and provide an international clinical and marketing platform for new and innovative products as well as providing the communication links between the creators of novel IP and products and local distributors who can best represent the evolving needs of their local customers.


Stratpharma’s success is largely dependent on developing strong and enduring relationships with customers through exclusive distribution partners in each country in which it markets its brands.


Stratpharma is seeking distribution partners with a well-established reputation in the pharmaceutical distribution business. The companies should be brand proprietors with well developed relationships with:


OTC pharmacy
(chains and independent)
(especially gynaecologists, dermatologists, plastic surgeons and general surgeons,
radiation oncologists and radiation oncology nurses)
Key Opinion Leaders
in their respective countries


Most importantly, they should have in place well-developed marketing, selling, logistics and administrative infrastructures, servicing the OTC and prescription channels.


If your company meets the above requirements and you are interested in becoming an exclusive distribution partner, please contact us. All enquiries will be treated in the strictest confidence.