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Stratpharma's DNA:


Partnership with us

We believe that long-term relationships are the foundation of future company success. We seek partners that share our fundamental values and our commitment to health care.

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Who we are

We specialize in innovative topical medical devices to improve the procedures in dermatology, plastic surgery, gynaecology, geriatrics and radiation oncology.

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Research & Development

Stratpharma is powered by our collaborative R&D projects and an ambitious pipeline in topical dermatology. We are dedicated to improve unmet needs of patients and the industry.

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Products for every need

Stratpharma currently has 5 products. Each of them has been developed to match the gold standard of post wound care.


With effective management the appearance and side effects of scars can be improved significantly in most cases.

Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are a well-recognized and common skin condition that can be a cause of great concern and insecurity during and after pregnancy.

Wound Care

An optimal wound dressing should support the natural healing process i.e. it should accelerate healing and reduce symptoms while preventing contamination of the wound.


Patients seeking skin rejuvenation and resurfacing treatments have high expectations. They want fast results and the best overall outcome of their therapy.

Radiation dermatitis

Radiation dermatitis is an unwelcome consequence of a life-saving therapy.

Cutting-edge solutions to improve clinical outcomes and quality of life


Countries with distribution and still growing

Stratpharma has a global presence on all 5 continents. Our products are sold in more than 44 countries.

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